Tuesday, April 24, 2018

    Ronnie's Vaccine Injury Story

      A parent's worst nightmare come true

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Milestones for a Vaccine Injured Child and Family


Birthdays are the worst.

Each year your child passes another milestone and the agony increases. It wasn't quite so bad when Eric was a year old. He was a baby, and we expected to buy him baby toys. As each year passed, the visit to the toy isle grew more difficult. Other fathers would be there with children begging for this toy or that game. It would twist my heart to realize that my boy would never be able to enjoy the things they were asking for.
How do you find a gift for an 18 year old who can barely even recognize that something special is happening? You're aware that your child isn't a baby anymore. How do you find something that recognizes this fact but still is appropriate for your child? Feel free to share your answers to these questions by writing in our Share Your Story blog.

Ronnie remembers Eric's first birthday:

Eric's first birthday arrived. We tried our best to make it a happy day for him, but the seizures wouldn't leave him alone. How we wished he could at least have relief for the one day! We had to hold his head up to blow out his candle. I'm sure many other parents have helped their child blow the candle out, but we knew in the back of our minds, that we had done all the blowing.

Ok today is May 20 th 2016 it has been 2 years since my angel eric has went to Heaven still burns in my heart the movie vaxxed is getting bigger and bigger.